Saturday, October 1, 2005

Big Baby Update

It has been five and a half hours since I started smoking and the que seems to be doing fine. Perhaps a bit too much char on the ribs, but we'll see. My temps have averaged about 180 degrees, spiking at 242 for about ten minutes. I'm going to bring up the heat a little bit and try to aim for the 7 or 8 hour mark.

UPDATE: Sorry for no final post on this, I entered a bar be que induced coma at about 9pm last night. Overall, I'd rate the inaugural run of the Big Baby a success. The ribs? Simply the best ever. That black exterior protected a moist, tender meat on the inside and the char with the light sauces was fantastic.

Oddly, the chicken was a bit dry. Good flavor but the breast meat was clearly over cooked. Instead of using my own thermometer I relied on the built in jobby. An obvious, and predictable mistake. Otherwise, the smoke was excellent and I've been left with the challenge to improve!

Total smoking time was 7 hours exactly.Posted by Picasa

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