Sunday, November 27, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!?

Ready as we'll ever be! Big week folks, Da Bears are going for seven in a row, and they'll be doing it without one single Mini Ditka. Folly you say? Well at 3pm we'll know the truth, and hopefully so will the Bucs.

I hear there are also some other games. Here is my take on those:

Bucs 3 Bears: Da Bucs. WHAT? Hey bet with my mind, cheer with my heart.
Chiefs 3 Pats: Chiefs
Bengals 9 Ravens: Ravens
Panthers 4 Bills: Bills
Chargers 3 Redskins: Redskins
Vikes 4 Browns: Vikes
Titans 7.5 Niners: Titans
Rams 3.5 Texans: Texans
Jags 3 Cards: Cards
Raiders 7 Dolphins: Raiders
Seahawks 4.5 Giants: Giants
Eagles 4.5 Pack: Eagles
Saints 1 Jets: Jets
Colts 8 Steelers: Steelers

Bear Down!



Bear Down, Chicago Bears
Make every play, clear the way to victory!

Bear Down, Chicago Bears
Put up a fight with a might so fearlessly!

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation
With your T-formation

Bear Down, Chicago Bears
And let them know why you're wearing the crown!

You're the pride and joy of Illinois,
Chicago Bears, Bear Down!!

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