Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Progress In Iraq

This was the first thing that I read in my NYT this morning and it is a sign of further progress in that disaster named Iraq. Of course the Times tried to spin it as bad news, but frankly you could tell they really didn't have their heart in it. Although the headline indicated that it was putting further pressure on Bush, the article itself acknowledged that the pull-out timetable should be subject to Iraq developing a force sufficiently capable of providing security for the country.

The good news is that Sunnis and Shites are beginning to work together in the country's political process, and jointly taking responsibility for Iraq'a future. Make no mistake, this is a small step in tangible terms, but it is quite encouraging none-the-less. Interestingly, the media chose not to give this progress much attention. Odd, don't you think?

So today was another good day in the war on terror. The above development, combined with the news that Al Queda's decision to shift money out of Iraq as a result of their failure there and back to Afghanistan, is excellent news. Even more encouraging, is the news that the big AQ is increasingly unwelcome in Afghanistan, where Arabs tend to stand out.

I wonder if Congressman Murtha, who is an honored war hero and a good patriot, regrets calling for the white flag yet?

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