Friday, November 11, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Well, a pretty disappointing week last week. After going 10-4 and 9-5 the previous two weeks, the odds evened out on me with a stunningly bad 4-10 showing against the spread. So we cleaned house at the “Pursuit Institute for Football Prognostication” inspite of the fact that the staff has put up an impressive 61-55 record for the season to date.

We’ve got great expectations though, so I’ve brought in a new Quant analyst, had PD1 and PD2 vacuum out the server farm, and we’ve pulled one of the Crays out of storage and plugged it in too. Should be a good week:

Bears 13 49ers; go Niners

Bills 2.5 Chiefs; Bills

Redskins 1.5 Bucs; Go Bucs

Pats 3 Dolphins; Take the points

Giants 9.5 Vikes; Johnson shows baby Manning the ropes this week

Lions 4 Cards; Lions should never be favored by 4 over anyone

Jags 6.5 Ravens; Take the Jags

Colts 18 Texans; This one could be ugly, take the Colts

Panthers 9 Jets: Panthers

Broncos 3 Raiders; Broncos

Seahawks 7 Rams; Rams

Falcons 9.5 Pack; Falcons

Steelers 8 Browns; Steelers

Eagles 8 Cowboys; Eagles

Bear Down!

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