Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome Back George

Well it’s about time.

After months of getting beat up by the Democrats, anti-war activists and their media cohorts, the President is fighting back. I was quite cheered on Veteran’s Day when he gave his speech denouncing not those who were critical of the war effort, but instead those cynical anti-war fanatics willing to distort and lie as their primary means of promoting their agenda.

My only concern was that the speech was a one off event and not the opening salvo in a long-term, ongoing campaign to fight for the proper war policy in America. It has been said the Bush is a good starter, but tends to be in bed when it comes time to finish, and I agree. Exhibit One is the very poor manner in which Bush and his team have communicated both the reasons for going to war, and the merits of staying in Iraq until the job is done.

Good people can disagree, and the majority of Americans have embraced respect for the well considered opinions of the side opposite of their own. For those of us who strongly support the war, and our continuing efforts to bring a stable government to Iraq, the president’s absence in making the case and leading our effort has been frustrating and more than a little bit depressing. Day after day, real progress is being made in one of the most difficult missions this country has ever attempted. We need the President out in front, leading the charge and defending the goal. With his leadership pushing us forward, the rest of us can wax the cripples as we pass by on our way to victory.

Finally. Finally he is out there once again with renewed energy. It is not insignificant that in recent days we’ve seen a change in tone from virtually all sides of American life. Serious Democrats such as Joe Lieberman, and Hillary (does she need a last name?) have stood up for the war, and defended our continued mission in Iraq, if not the exact details of the mission’s execution. The poll I linked to yesterday, published in the WaPo, suggests the public in fact does support the mission and does view the machinations of Dim Harry and Dirty Dick with the cynical eye they deserve. And the mood is up. Consumer confidence, although not completely related, is on the upswing which is in my view a leading indicator of more good things to come. Then there is the French, those loathsome, good for nothing scoundrels. The bloody French are even suggesting that it might be wrong for the US to leave Iraq too soon.

All this, with only a small effort from the President. Imagine the effect of those purple fingers that we’re likely to see on December 15th. The third successful election in one year, held by a country that previously was under the thumb of a gruesome dictator. All accomplished by the American military, the Iraqi public, and the determination of the American People thank you very much. I think we’ll begin to see a resurgence of positive opinion for Bush, and a new commitment to getting the job done right by the American people.

Today with have “The Strategy”. According to several media reports that I’ve heard, it’s a new strategy for winning the war and withdrawing troops. This is wrong. It is the same strategy with the only difference being that the President is actually doing some heavy lifting to sell it, and the media has backed itself in a corner where it now has to report it. I sure don’t like how we got to this point, nor am I particularly happy with how long it took to get here, but damn, we’re here and it feels good. Let’s hope the President has enough endurance to stick with this approach as well as he sticks to his exercise regimen.

I marvel at how fast things can change, which is to say that this state is not guaranteed, anymore than Nancy Pelosi’s previously all but certain rise to Speaker of the House next November. I am willing to make some bets though.

  • Next November we will be beginning to bring troops home, but will still have over 90,000 troops in Iraq.
  • It is quite likely that we will be talking with the Iraqi government about a more permanent base in Iraq that would include a large airfield.
  • Republicans will hold the house and senate in fall elections
  • Bush’s approval rating will be around 45% give or take 2 points.

Save a copy to beat me over the head with next Thanksgiving!

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