Monday, November 28, 2005

Dim Harry, What Hath You Wrought?

It all sounded so good in the echo chamber of the Democratic planning sessions. There they were Dim Harry, and Dirty Dick Durbin drunk with their new found power planning out their strategy against the president.

Dim Harry: Dirty Dick, I think this will really work!

Dirty Dick: You betcha Dim Harry! We attack the president by attacking the war! We tell our people and our troops that the war they supported not only was a bad idea, but that we're failing.

Dim Harry: Yes, yes! And don't forget the you were lied to part. Oh yes, I really like that! I like it a whole lot Dirty Dick, a whole lot indeed!

Dirty Dick: Well Dim Harry, we've got the media on our side so the dumb bastards in the boondocks, those toothless fools that were tricked into voting Republican, will never consider that we're actually calling THEM stupid and immoral.

And so their meeting went. It all seemed so perfect; media support, repetition of message, it was a return to the cold war days when the Democratic message also was "America can't win". I wonder if they ever considered, even for a brief moment, that the public didn't buy it back then either.

You see, criticism and pessimism will only get you so far. Sooner or later somebody is going to have the termerity to stand up and say, "well, you guys got any better ideas?" There is one true and certain thing in this world, and it is simply this: The answer to that question from the party led by Dim Harry and Dirty Dick is and always will be, "no".Posted by Picasa

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