Thursday, July 6, 2006

Behold The Glory!

The glorious day has arrived my friends! As I originally posted here, after months of planning, ordering, waiting, and installing, our new bathroom is virtually complete. Although a few items need to be tweaked, the bathroom is in working order.

And you know what that means don't you?

Yup! The urinal is in place and ready for action!

Oh, it is a glorious sight, a glorious sight indeed. Mounted with craftsmen like perfection it stands ready like a silent sentinel alert and on guard for duty.

Just have a look at that piece of work. That my friends is no ordinary urinal. Oh no, that little porcelain beauty is a Toto UE 930 "Lloyd" Urinal With Electronic Flush Valve. And as the only man in the house it is mine, all mine!

Leave the seat down? Hah! I laugh at such a thought! No seat for this guy just step up, zip down and get to business. Everything in life should be so easy. And when I'm done, what could be more manly than what happens next?

I just walk away.

That's it! No lingering commitments, no putting the seat down, no flushing the toilet. Just me, a greatly relieved bladder and the comforting "woooosh" of my electronic flush.

As good as that is though, I've got some news for my fellow men out there. Wonderful, oh so typically man news that is the real beauty part.

Now that I don't have to remember to put the seat down do you know what happens? Brace's diabolical!

I get to yell at the women for not putting the top down on their disgusting toilet!

As those two guys say on the Guinness commercial, "BRILLIANT!"

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