Friday, July 21, 2006

Studies in Oxymorons

Heh, who would have ever thought "Professionals" and "Durbin" would appear in the same sentence? "State Secret Leaking, Income Redistributin', Hezbollah Sympathising, Liberal Blowhard" works a little better in my view.

But then I'm a stickler for detail.

Still, they wanted me to publicize the event, so you know, if you go, I have a challenge and a warning.

The challenge: Do make your very best effort to completely empty Dick Turbin's coffers based only on your consumption of free Kendall Jackson White Zinfandel and Costco cocktail shrimp alone.

The warning: If you accept the challenge, never ever lose site of the fact that those chunky braless gals in earth shoes will start to look better and better as the night wears on.

Oh, and report back on the whole horrifyingly awful event.

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