Sunday, July 2, 2006

Holy Smokes!

Dinner prep started this morning at 7a.m. when I began brining my ribs and pork shoulder. I really should have done this last night, but I was over at a friend's house for whole sea bass cooked on the grill. It was fantastic, especially since he served it with a Thai curry sauce, a crunchy cabage salad and rice. So, I didn't get home until late and had to adjust plans accordingly.

As such the early morning sun found me brining and firing up the Big Baby. I plan to eat tonight at 8 so I wanted to get the shoulder on for a full 11 hours. Right on schedule I popped the meat on at 9, and followed with a slab of ribs at 11. I'll pop the other slab on at 2 which will give me the opportunity to test the difference between ribs smoked for 9 and 6 hours.

I'm keeping my temps at 170 - 200 degrees which requires near constant vigiliance, and I'm mopping with a vinegar based brew every hour our so. The pics above are the meat before the rub was applied, the meat as it was loaded into the Big Baby, and the Big Baby itself, doing its special thang.

More later.

UPDATE: What is the deal with the date function? Just noticed this little technical glitch, safe to say, we did not have many leaves on the trees in January of '05!

UPDATE II: I'll admit I"m two gin and tonics into the final stretch, but has anyone ever realized just how good Neal Young is with the scent of hickory wafting into the air? "Down by the river....."

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