Friday, July 14, 2006

Gay Games?

Well we're very excited, all a twitter you might say, here in Chicago! This weekend kicks off the week long Gay Games extravaganza!

I personally don't have any problems with our gay friends running and jumping all over town, in fact, compared to the Pride Parade I think it's great. The problem for me is that the whole thing seems a bit contrived don't you think? I mean gay games? Why on earth would we need that?

I understand the Special Olympics (which if you're lucky I'll write about the day I umped a softball game for some mentally disabled kids - deeply moving), but a special set aside for gay athletics seems bizarre to me. I mean why this distinction? Are Gay atheletes not able to compete elsewhere? Do they have some novel approach that would cause people to think, "Sure, I've seen Figure Skating, but what I really want to watch is Gay Figure Skating".

Ok, maybe that isn't the best example.

Still, what is the point? It's as if I hosted a series of games for guys who had people who dreamt that they looked like David Ogden Stiers! Sure, it's a valid distinction, and indeed a very scary one in, but given all that, it is not the type of thing that necessarily makes for great competition.

Or great viewing for that matter!

Still, the games will go on and we here at the POH wish our intrepid competitors nothing but the best. I have just one question.

Is there some test to make sure the gay competitors are truly gay?

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