Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yes, But We Support The Troops

Well, I am now officially speechless; slackjawed with absolutely nothing to say. The New York Times, who's editorial board and reporters, who all support the troops don't cha ya know, has listed the attached link in a "memorable pictures" slideshow. From the site:

"A sniper loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr fires towards U.S. positions in the cemetery in Najaf, Iraq.

Michele McNally: “Right there with the Mahdi army. Incredible courage.”

Umm, well not exactly deary. Your honorable sniper who is loyal to the Shite cleric is actually a scumbag terrorist shooting at American soldiers and trying to kill our sons and daughters. As Jeff Goldstein points out, this is not incredible courage, this is what it looks like to be used as a tool for the enemy. And make no mistake about it, the NYT these days seems to have an over abundance of tools on their staff.

But go ahead dear Michele. Sit there in your comfortable little air conditioned cube and stare at pictures of the Sadr "freedom fighters" as you get all moist thinking about their heroic resistance to the Bushitler occupying forces. They're so strong! So sweaty and full of the musky scent of true rebels! Such animal passion! So authentic! Not anything like a silly college grad who, you know, wanted to do something important with her life but instead took a comfy job in New York so she could feel the vibe of the city and now wonders if maybe, maybe, she might have sold out.

Just try not to ruin your lusty visions with any inconvenient thoughts about how your Mr. Sadr, the Shite cleric, would separate your head from your body and mail it to your parents for the crime of, you know, not being covered and stuff.


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