Friday, February 4, 2005

The Good Professor Churchhill

The recent controversy over whether this guy ought to be fired is interesting. I've thought quite abit about it and I'm tempted by the free speech arguments against firing Churchhill, but in the final analysis they don't hold water. High profile professionals in all careers are held to standards of behavior that transend their professional duties into their private life. The justification for these arrangements is simple; what they do or say in their private life can impact the reputation of their employers.

Churchhill's idiotic statements, and his refusal to repudiate them, put the credibility of any University that would hire him into question. Indeed, his tenure is subject to minimum standards of professional behavior. If CU cannot relieve him of his duties for his Eichman comments then what will it take?

The good professor is more than welcome to he rights to free speech. He just needs to learn that with rights come responsibilty, and as we all know, payback is a bitch baby.

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