Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Pornography and Politics

This is an interesting development; ABC News has discovered that Republican politicians have accepted contributions from companies that distribute pornography! Cable companies such as Comcast, Adelphia along with Hoteliers such as Marriott provide pay per view services that include "adult" fare.

Interestingly enough ABC, which has no liberal bias at all - just ask them, included interviews with people that believe these politicians should stop accepting donations from these companies, because of the politician's family values positions. How convenient!

I'm sure, in the interest of fairness we'll soon see the story on Democrats who currently accept donations from:

Automotive manufacturers that produce global warming products

Large Corporations that outsource jobs, and take other advantage of American workers

Clothing companies, pharmaceutical companies, and cosmetics manufacturers that torture animals

Oil companies that helped President Bush trick us into war

Haliburton, because we all know they're just evil

Defense contractors that support this country in our war based on lies

Food manufacturers and fast food chains that trick us into eating unhealthy food

Liquor producers, that addict drinkers and ruin families.

Any others that I forgot? I'd hate for the Demo's to inadvertently fall victim to hypocrisy!

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