Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, Duh!

The NYT reports on Porter Goss' appearence before the Intelligence Committee yesterday:

Intelligence that "strongly suggests" that Al Qaeda operatives have considered using the Mexican border as an entry point was cited in written testimony by Adm. James M. Loy, the deputy secretary of homeland security. But he wrote that there was "currently no conclusive evidence" that this had succeeded.

In the past, law enforcement officials have said Al Qaeda might try to use the Mexican border, but the testimony on Wednesday seemed to suggest increasing concern. In response to questions from the senators, Admiral Loy described it as a "very serious situation," while Robert S. Mueller, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, listed first among his current concerns what he said might already be "the threat from covert Al Qaeda operatives inside the United States."

No kidding? Seems to me certain people have been asking for border help for quite awhile, only to be dismissed as "anti-immigration". Hopefully, we can get some important action on this vulnerability now. I'm not holding my breath, though.

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