Thursday, February 3, 2005

Sullivan Leaves

So Andrew Sullivan has decided to admit what we all have known for a while....his blog is an unreadable mess. I guess he hasn't actually admitted this, but tell me; who has been able to read this guy for the past couple of years?

I'll admit that back when he was leading the charge against the NYT, I avidly read every line of attack and hoped that he would help bring some change to the paper. Even then though, I was always troubled that his attacks seemed to me as oddly personal, and full of needless vitriol. The same was true during the Iraq War lead up. He was on the right side, so I ignored some of the less than gracious ways that I thought he treated his critics.

Shame on me, I'm afraid those of us that were troubled by his style, but chose to ignore it, ultimately helped create Bad Andrew.

I stopped reading Andrew when his poison keyboard began to be directed at those of us that didn't support his Gay marriage crusade, or his "its going good today","now its a collasal failure" mood swings on Iraq. The breaking point for me was when he held a pledge drive and then went on vacation for a month the day after it was over. I thought this was extremely disrespectful to his supporters.

And now he is packing it in, at least temporarily. I hope as the rest of us move on, we remember to remain passionate about those things that matter to us, but also considerate of those with whom we disagree. I'm new to this game, but have found quickly that blogging does encourage a shoot now, ask questions later approach. It can also be an easy place from which to mount a venomous attack against our "enemies". I think Andrew to one degree or another fell victim to these temptations. I also think his reputation has suffered because of it.

The rest of us are into this gig with a lot less capital on the line. The lesson though, is no less important to us. If all we have is our reputation, then we need to ensure that we protect it.

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