Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Help. I Need Your Brain!!

Ok, here is the deal. My daughter is turning 13 soon and she is beginning to stress out about her birthday party. I know, no big deal to us, but she goes to school with kids that have had a lot handed to them, and have seen it all. In other words, I'm looking for some "cool" party theme/activity ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Here are the details: 10-15 girls are invited, no boys, age group is 12-13 years old. Party will be held in April, so weather is still iffy. Oh, and I'd prefer not to spend a gazillion dollars on this.

Now go to it people, give me your thoughts, and remember the psyche of a new teenager and the entire relationship with her father is IN YOUR HANDS. Ok, thats putting it in young teenager terms, but you get the point. Leave your ideas in comments.....please.

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