Saturday, May 6, 2006

The Black Keys

I"m really beginning to like this feature at the Pursuit of Happiness. See, I'm continually plagued by hearing a song on the radio, thinking "gosh I really ought to download that" and then when it comes time to do my downloading thing, I forget all the rockin' tunes that I wanted!

Now though, because you people mean so much to me, I actually take time to make a list so I can decide exactly what I'd like to feature as the weekend's selection. Me, working for you, working for me. Kind of a beautiful circle of life thing.

Today's tune is from a fairly new to me band that I'm ashamed to say came to my attention through a Range Rover commercial several (perhaps a year) months back. I'm sure you've seen it, a big ole Range Rover is driving over rocks and hills and stuff and the great tune "Have Love, Will Travel" is playing in the background.

This, of course caught my attention for two reasons; first the song is just fantastic. Bluesy rock that has the power to melt your face (apologies to Jack Black). Second, while great the song in the context of the commercial simply makes no sense.

"Have Love". Ok, I've got that part "Will Travel". No! No I won't travel! If I've got love, and I'm out there in the wilderness with a Range Rover I can assure you I will find something much better to test that Range Rover's suspension than drive over rocks!

As it turned out, the commercial version of the song was done by The Sonics (great name, that) but by the time I figured this out, I was already hooked on The Black Keys. Sorry guys. So I wanted to share the Black Keys' little diddy, "Have Love, Will Travel" with you today, but sadly I couldn't a video for it. I did find 10a.m. Automatic though, and it is nearly as good, so enjoy.

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