Saturday, May 20, 2006

This Weekend's Rockin' Tune: Lose Yourself

I remember the first time I saw Eminem. It was several years ago when he mad an appearance on SNL. There was certain amount of controversy around him at the time, I believe stemming from some sort of dispute with Elton John of all people. At any rate, Mrs. P and I thought it would be good yucks to see this goofball make a fool of himself on national TV; we had nothing better to do.

Well, Eminem came on and we were all ready for a good joke, but something happened. This guy came on and he was compelling. We grew silent, starred at the screen and just watched the performance. After he was done, we remained quiet for a moment, turned to each other and said, "whoa". I guess you could say he had one shot with us and definitely did not blow it.

I don't like all his stuff, but I think Lose It is a terrific little diddy. I made it my Rockin' Tune of the Weekend this week in honor of Jodie Foster. In case you weren't aware, Jodie closed her lunatic rant of a commencement speech this week by rapping part of this song. If you can find the tape, it is definitely worth a look. Then come back here and see the original.

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