Sunday, May 7, 2006

I've Gone Crazy; I Blame Bush

Talk about pulling a "Full Sully", Andy does himself proud! Check out this little exercise in self delusion from our excitable boy:

"It seems my description of him as not being a "crazed lefty" was wrong on at least one count. But then this administration has turned many previously sane, moderate people into those who want to scream at the dishonesty and incompetence of their own government."

Good News: Andy admits he is fallible.

Not So Good News: He has his ready excuse waiting.

To be candid, I really wasn't even going to link to this since it is pretty much par for the course in the world of Sully, but Jeff Goldstein actually adds some facts to the discussion which I was too lazy to do, and as is typical of the stuff over at Protein Wisdom, does so in a beautiful, amusing and unsparing way.

So, I post, link and hopefully you can be entertained.

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