Saturday, September 24, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Well here we are at week three and my record to date against the spread is 18-14. Not bad, but we've got to get those numbers up! So, I've run the models, stress tested the results, back proofed 15 seasons of data, and come up with the following prescient picks:

Bengals by 3 over Bears: Da Bears
Rams 6.5 Titans: Rams
Eagles 8 Raiders: Eagles
Jets 2.5 Jags: Jags
Vikes 4 Saints: Vikes
Panthers 3 Dolphins: Dolphins
Colts 13.5 Browns: Colts
Bills 3 Falcons: ills
Bucs 3.5 Pack: Pack in the battle of the bays
Seahawks 6.5 Cards: Cards
Steelers 3 Pats: Steelers
Cowboys 6.5 49ers: 49ers
Chargers 5.5 Giants: Chargers
Broncos 3 Chiefs: Broncs.

Bear Down!

UPDATE: Anyone see my wallet around here?

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