Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rockin' Good Tunes

Vodka Pundit posted an outraged rant yesterday about the pressure record companies are putting on Apple to raise the prices of Itunes downloads. This had two affects on me.

One: I couldn't agree more. Raise the prices and I'm gone boys. Kill the golden goose if you must.

Two: I need to get me some new tunes! So I picked up the following this morning:

Tegan and Sara: Walking With a Ghost
Audioslave: Be Yourself
John Scofield with John Mayer: I Don't Need No Doctor
Low Millions: Eleanor
Fastball: The Way
John Butler Trio: Zebra
Ray LaMontegne: Trouble
Spoon: I Turn My Camera On
Pete Yorn: Crystal Village

Sorry PDS, still no Hank Sr. I did almost pick up Jambalya though.

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