Monday, September 26, 2005

The Once Proud NFL Franchise....

Tom, makes a derogatory comment about the Chicago NFL Franchise in the comments section below and I respond to it here:

Oh you're just an uniformed fan. If you knew anything about football you'd understand that genius takes many forms.

For example, anybody can put people with real football experience at the top of an organization, but the truly wise team, hires an ex auditor. And that ex auditor, continuing in this legacy of genius could go out and seek the advice of professionals and hire a GM based on the advice of football people, but again anybody can do that. Anybody who is as unimaginative as you bub.

No, the real visionary goes out and hires a management recruiting firm to make a recommendation on who the GM should be. That is how it is done pal.
Not wanting to get accused of any inside the box thinking, you know that our GM is going to out think all the other teams with this type of legacy behind him...oh yes, you can bet on that. So he isn't going go and draft a can't miss QB with a number 9 pick, nope he's going to trade down, take a lesser QB who can't stay healthy and then use the extra pick to draft a defensive end that nobody has heard of since.

Then, then we're really going to get down to work, because once you've drafted a QB who can't stay healthy, you want to leave the team bereft of any viable back-up QB. Not just one year, but for two in a row! Yup, it sounds insane, but that is just because your mind ain't right boy. See if you leave the team without a QB that means the players will know they're going to have to work harder! More effort + less money! Friggin' genius is what it is, but fools such as you are simply too entrenched in your thinking to see it.

Most teams at this point are done, but not us, no way we're the Bears man! Next, what you want to do is pass up the rookie running running back who has gained more yardage in his first two starts in the NFL than any running back in the history of the league for a malcontent head case that won't sign until the week before the season. See nobody will expect that plan to work so that means we've now got them where we want them. Completely unprepared for his break-out game in Week 15. Fools!

Now, to seal the deal here is the real ticket: Ignore the Tightend position for at least a decade! Who cares if your guy invented the modern form of the position in the early sixties? Who cares if the Tightend is often the second leading receiver in terms of number of catches on the winningest of teams? We're the friggin Bears and we're so bloody smart we're gonna play with only 10 guys and a lump who does nothing on offense! Hell we're even going to have interchangeable lumps, might even name the position something like the interchangeable lump guy! Yup, we do it cuz we're just smarter than everyone else.

Now, I've saved the best for last. Are you ready? No real Left Tackle! Ha, most would call us crazy for that one, but we haven't had one since Covert retired in '91 or whenever it was. Has it hurt us? Well some would point to the incredible string of injured Quarterbacks and ineffective running backs that we've had over the past 15 years. Not us though pal, we point to a new stadium financed with public funds, NFL money, and Personal Seat licenses! Sure we threw in a couple of bucks too, cuz you know we're not completely shameless.

Well, ok, yes we are. But look at those stands! The mopes fill 'em every Sunday. Hell we could dress Oprah up and put her at Left Tackle and they'd still come.

Hey, wait a second........

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