Sunday, September 18, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

After last week's impressive 10-6 showing against the spread, my wallet is bulging and my confidence soaring. So, we've cranked up the server farm, run the models, and have come up with the following prescient picks for week 2:

Detroit by 1.5 over the Bears. Da Bears.
Ravens by 3.5 over the Titans. Titans.
Steelers by 6 over the Texans. Take the Texans
Colts by 9 over the Jags. Colts.
Bengals by 3 over the Vikes. Bengals
Eagles by 11 over the 49ers. Eagles
Bucs by 2.5 over the Bills. Bucs
Pats by 3 over the Panthers. Panthers.
Seahawks by 1 over the Falcons. Seahawks.
Cards by 1 over the Rams. Cards.
Jets by 6 over the Dolphins. Jets.
Pack by 6.5 over Cleveburg. Pack.
Broncos by 3 over the Chargers. Take the Broncs.
Chiefs by 1.5 over the Raiders. Take the Raiders.

Giants by 3 over the Saints. Saints.
Cowboys by 6 over the Redskins. Cowboys.

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