Sunday, September 11, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!!!!!

Whoa....guess I missed that promised Friday NFL picks posting! Apologies all around, but things got a bit busy around here.

Well, its Sunday morning, the sun is out and the hits are just 3 hours away. I found this photo of an Urlacher lable and thought it was a great way to start the season.....mostly because it should be the last time the Bears do not have a losing record this year!

Ah, but now is not the time for negativity, now is the time for my Savant like pics:

Washington by 6 over the Bears: Take the Bears
Denver by 4.5 over Miami: Take the Dolphins
Bengals by 3.5 over Browns: Bengals
Bills by 4.5 over the Texans: Bills
Steelers by 7 over the Titans: Steelers
Panthers by 3 over Saints: Saints
Vikes by 6 over the Bucs: Bucs
Jags by 3 over Seahawks: Seahawks
Chiefs by 3 over Jets: Jets
Giants by 3 over Cards: Cards
Rams 5.5 over 49ers: 49ers
Lions 3 over Pack: Lions
Chargers 4.5 over Dallas: Chargers
Colts 3 over Ravens: Ravens
Eagles 1.5 over Falcons: FalconsPosted by Picasa

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