Friday, April 1, 2005

The Old Negro Space Program

Well who knew? The pernicious influence of racism in the U.S. was far greater than I thought. It turns out that when we were celebrating the glories of NASA during the 60's a separate program of black astronauts, Blackstronauts, was established by Wallace "Suitcase" Jefferson and "Loopy" Louie Hayes. Out of work, and unable to access gainful employment in a racist NASA culture, Jefferson and Hayes established their own program, mostly so they could get dates. These were brave men, from the film:

"....with their cloth spacesuits and makeshift rockets, blackstronauts faced far greater hardships than their white counterparts...."

The result is the largest governmental cover-up in the history of the union.....until now. Click on over to this vital link for the full documentary. Believe me, its well worth it. Did you know, that man first landed on the moon on September 31, 1966?

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