Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day

I was about to rant on taxes, government waste, and idle sloth. Then I read Rachel and realized, I couldn't do any better. A sample:

I used TurboTax Premiere, which helped a great deal, but shit. I still feel like the whole return is a complete disastrous mistake even though I've reviewed it 40 times and John read every line on every page at least twice and we are both college educated, intelligent people who did in fact both pass all our math classes and in John's case, even business accounting classes, and I've done my own taxes as a self-employed person for four years now, but like I said before, shit. Shit, Shit, Shit. I am terrified and horrified and I hope the authors of those forms develop extremely itchy boils with foul-smelling discharge all over their buttocks. Because they are mean, hateful people, and we all know it as well as they do but we can't do anything about it because the IRS is practically GOD in this country and we all live in abject fear of its agents. I am sick with disgust.

See? How could I stay agree enough after reading that?

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