Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This Is Bolton's Accuser?

Hey, I have nothing against "enriching my spirit with haiku meditations, and if you want to create "many different realities" for yourself thats fine by me too. I won't comment on the recovered memories of abuse, as I have no idea what that must be like.

Really, though if you're a former appointee of Jimmy Carter (guess that explains the objection to strongly held opinions), and a propireter of a loopy new age website (as opposed to a loopy conservative one, I suppose), it seems to me you might not want to publicly charge others with tales of abuse that you failed to mention 12 years ago. Especially when you had developed a reputation for complaining about virtually everything else at the time.

The Pursuit of Happiness strongly urges Senator Dick Lugar to schedule Dr. Lynne Finney for public testimony regarding her charges against John Bolton as soon as possible. Posted by Hello

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