Friday, April 8, 2005


I was over at Michelle's recently, in the blog sense, and in between posts about walk'in around nude, she put up her list of recent wine buys. As a part-time oenophile, I found her list most interesting. It had a nice balance of all world regions, displayed a sophisticated palate, and a wise buck per sip ratio (bps). I encouraged her to report back on tastings and hopefully she'll follow-up.

I too spend way too much of my time haunting the isles of our local vin purveyors, but I find it quite enjoyable. I like to try new wines, find a perverse thrill in identifying an inexpensive bottle that is suprisingly good, and with Mrs. P tend to go through three or four bottles in the average week.

Having made my most recent monthly purchase last weekend, I thought I'd post my newly acquired wines here. If you have had any of them, let me know, and I'll report back with some notes on the tasting of each. (Side technical note, this would be much more doable if I could put it all in a spreadsheet and link to it. Does anyone know how to do that?) Also, feel free to leave suggestions for next month's buy.

The April 8:
1. 2001, Tedeschi San Rocco Ripasso $19
2. 2001, L'Ecole Cabernet Sauvignon $60
3. 2000, Montebernardi Chianti Classico "Paris" $32
4. 1994, Jean Leon Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $40
5. 2001, Lolonis "Orpheus" Petite Sirah $30
6. 2003, Adrian Fog Pinot Noir $72
7. 2000, Marco Donati Sangue di Drago $30
8. 2001, Saint-Joseph Offerus $27

One thing I should mention about those prices. Typically, I try to keep my purchases on average below the $20 per bottle mark. I strongly believe that you do not have to spend a tremendous amount of money to drink good wine, and it is much more fun to be able to drink several wines, comparing and contrasting, in an attempt to find the true undiscovered diamond.

This month I elevated the price level which means two things. First, the kids are eating PB&J's for the next 30 days, and secondly, next month's wines will be economy specials. Posted by Hello

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