Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Vulva Has Never Been Sooooooooo Dull

Here is an unintentionally interesting article. A couple of Princeton's finest have taken up the job of writing the school paper's sex column. My first thought was, "really, hasn't this been done?" At this point one would think these kids would realize such a column might have been edgy say 20 years ago, but now is nothing more than yet another opportunity to repeat the same tired bromides. My favorite of these is the "no you're not weird" reassurance, which really means, "yes you are, stay away from my daughter you friggin sicko”!

Sadly these people, who are most likely from some insular east coast burg, persist in scribbling their drek confident that they have a mission to teach the rest of us unevolved folk that sex is ok. Blinded by their assumed cultural superiority, the fail to realize that the rest of us are quite comfortable with this fact, and decided that the topic was dull sometime around the point when Dr. Ruth and her fellow septuagenarians assaulted us with their views on sexuality.

Yet they persist, and today's installment from the Daily Princetonian is another example. Just try to read this article all the way to the end. Instead of developing an edgy, titillating column, our two dears have ended up producing a primer for sexual half wits. Perhaps I'm just misguided and all that studying at Princeton has left the student body alarmingly bereft of any knowledge about the structure of the vulva, but I doubt it.

In any case, is this really the proper forum for learning these facts? When I was in school, that's what we had keggers for.

Via: Malkin

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