Friday, April 15, 2005

The Trial

I promise I will never – ever – post anything about the Jackson trial again. Allow me be to be clear: not in my life, or anyone else’s, promise.

I have just one question: Shouldn’t we throw every single person who has any association with the trial or Jackson himself in jail?

I have not followed this trial; the very transformation of Jackson from a talented, young kid singing upbeat Motown ditties, to a self loathing plastic surgery addict and accused child molester is so profoundly sad, that every time I see his tragically ruined face I am overwhelmed with the desire to wretch. I want nothing to do with Jackson, or his sordid family and associates, and I wish that by some miracle of justice their awful stain could be removed from society, if not history itself. Unfortunately, they and this trial are damn near impossible to avoid. This foul case spews nightly from the TV, it’s in the newspaper, on the web, and those with nothing else going on in their sorry lives feel free, if not compelled, to engage total strangers in conversations about the trial.

At this point I’d be much happier, and society would be better off, if we’d just be done with it and throw the whole lot of them deep, deep in the slammer. First there is Jackson himself. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, but is there any real doubt that he is guilty? The man has already admitted to sleeping with children regularly, and has somehow gotten at least part of society to believe that these romps are merely the innocent frolics of man who missed his childhood. The poor dear is altruistically taking his time to ensure that others don’t suffer the same fate. Yet we now have years of multi-million dollar out of court settlements that have been paid to buy the silence of his “playmates” which provides the strong suggestion that Jackson is guilty of inappropriate actions during stays at “Neverland Ranch”.

And how about that name? Can there be any greater bright neon freaking clue that something is terribly, terribly wrong? Neverland Ranch, heh, as in Never, ever again should a freak like this be allowed to walk free.

To be sure, Jackson isn’t the only villain here, and another dead solid perfect conclusion that we all can draw is that at the very least, he himself was at one time, long, long ago a victim himself. I blame the dad.

Old Joe Jackson. Did anyone escape alive Joe? Sure, I suppose we can credit this cretin with delivering his family from the squalor of Gary, Indiana to fabulous wealth in California, but at what cost? Michael is a freak, LaToya a train wreck, and Janet a nipple exposing has been who was only momentarily rescued from obscurity by Jimmy Jam and Jerry Jeff in the early ‘90’s. Who knows what other horrors lurk in the dark vault of secrets containing this family’s history. Oh yes my friends, I say some kind of confinement is required for Joe.

The Neverland workers. What in the name of all that is decent and good is wrong with these people? Can anyone even imagine turning a blind eye after witnessing what these people now claim to have seen going on in Jackson’s house of alleged horrors? The poor dears justify their complicity in the supposed molestation with their wretched claims of intimidation and the need for a job. Does this ring familiar to anyone? We were just following orders, we had no choice. Nazis people. The Nazis said this, and now so do this scum of the earth that sat idly by and did nothing while the lives of children were allegedly being destroyed. Jail is a fate too good for this slime.

The parents – all of them. What levels craven scum will sink to in the quest for a free buck and the klieg light’s glare is completely beyond me. I don’t know when it became obvious to the rest of us that something wasn’t right, but can anyone of these people credibly say they had no clue to the alleged monstrous goings on at Neverland? I don’t think so. Rather, I believe that at some level many of these parents pimped their kids, unwittingly or otherwise, in a horrific attempt to extort Jackson. At the very least, the urge to bask in the filthy glow of Jackson’s misplaced celebrity led these parents to put their children in harm’s way. Words alone are insufficient to describe the revulsion I feel for these people. Here’s the thing: can anyone doubt that if Jackson is found innocent, a fresh supply of kiddies will be sent to Neverland for the victory celebration? Oh, if only we could burn people at the stake.

There are so many others. The authorities that turned a blind eye for so long, Jackson’s long string of attorney’s that I believe overstepped the line from vigorous defense to the complicit cover-up of one our society’s great crimes. Let’s not forget Jackson’s fellow celebrities. Surely, many of these people also knew all the details of what was going on, yet viewed these facts as mere fodder for monologues and gossip.

That’s it. I can’t go on. The whole nasty affair is far too disgusting to contemplate any further. I suppose I could be wrong and all these folks are just the innocent friends and family of a desperately misunderstood man, in which case I’ll issue a broad apology at the time this becomes apparent. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting though.

Until then, lock ‘em up. All of them.

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