Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Good discussion on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design over at Andrew Olmsted's place. This is an interesting debate, and as a believer that God created the universe and in Mr. Darwin's theory I must say that I'm somewhat disappointed in both sides.

On the one hand, ID as currently promoted seems to be an end run around the constitution to get Creationism discussed if not taught in public schools. On the other hand, the theory of evolution is just that - a theory. Too often though, it is taught as an established fact in our schools. Yet serious questions have been posed by serious scientists, that must be pursued.

In the end, I think science is all too afraid to pursue these questions. Evolution seems to work, and to find that it is incomplete, if not outright wrong would certainly throw our society open for further debate on the origin of man. Conversely, to prove evolution, while not disproving ID, would settle once and for all the method by which man arrived here.

Unfortunately, the scientific community seems committed to accepting Darwinism as an article of faith. Ironic, since this is their objection to ID.

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