Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Great Race

I don't watch much TV and the whole Reality TV thing for me is completely lost. Survivor, Fear Factor, and most any other show utterly fail to hold my interest.

Not so with the Great Race. I first found this show last spring and was immediately intrigued. How cool is it to race around the world, perform fun games and do whatever it takes to not lose. I guess maybe that is the difference for me. While the other shows seem to include some sort of mockery or humiliation of their contestants, the Great Race celebrates everyone's effort, and for the most part completely avoids the gross-out, freak show characteristic of some of the Reality fare.

Anyway, this latest race has included a couple, Jonathon and Victoria, who in my opinion were the most loathsome pair I've ever encountered. At first this guy seemed so verbally abusive to his wife that I couldn't believe they didn't find some way to disqualify him. However, as time went on her hysterics almost had the effect of making Jonathon the more sypathetic character.

Then last night we were delivered! Jonathon and Victoria lost! While I make it a priority to never cheer when someone fails, in this case I will say that I anticipate next week's leg with great enthusiasm.

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