Friday, January 28, 2005

On The Road With Lileks and Instapundit

Instapundit has proposed that somebody make a documentary of him and Lileks touring the country in a 1959 Eldorado. Somehow, nobody has taken them up on this offer.

Until now

Could there be a more appropriate use of time for a blog dedicated to the Pursuit of Happiness? I think not! So I hereby volunteer my time, formidable directorial talents, and Sony camcorder in the effort. I envision a sort of digital age version of Charles Kuralt On The Road. Uh, presumably without the secret wife stashed on the Montana farm......right guys?

The Professor suggests this excursion visit malls, breweries and flea markets around the country, which is a fine idea as far as it goes, but surely will put audiences to sleep by the second gig of memory (note to self, the guys will be very impressed with how you update old sayings for the new digital age). We need more compelling fare of course, and that is where I come in.

We'll pursue happiness across the fruited plane! Garagista vitners in Napa, Gambling in Vegas, the various merits of rafting in Colorado vs. West Virginia, maybe we'll shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die! Er, sorry got a little carried away there we probably won't be doing that. Yes, if they insist, we'll also visit a flea market or two.

Now its your turn, we've got to fill a whole documentary here, and we have between now and next year's Sundance to do it. What fabulous exploits do you suggest we should send the boys on in their quest for adventure in the good ole U.S of A?

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