Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Title For Your Library!!!!!

I had enough trouble comprehending the fact that a sufficient number of people found the Amber Frey book compelling enough to actually put it at #1 on the NY Times list. However, this....this is a development in the publishing world that defies belief:

Chronicle Books to Publish Senator Barbara Boxer Novel

The novel will tell a tale of personal friendships and betrayal, political in-fighting and pragmatism. The novel follows Ellen from her days as an idealistic college student, through romantic entanglements, to a difficult marriage to a rising political star. When her husband is killed, she steps into his campaign for the Senate and is elected. On the eve of a crucial senate vote, her personal and political worlds collide when her right-wing adversaries recruit her former lover to sabotage her credibility and career.

Geez, good thing those right wing adversaries didn't team with a former KKK Grand Dragon to falsely accuse her of lying to Congress in an effort to sabotage her career.

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