Thursday, January 20, 2005

Undiscovered Genius

This is a must click. I have been very tempted to add this undiscovered genius, The Irate Savant, to my blogroll, but frankly I've been concerned that he can't keep the pace. So I'll give him a link here, and if he holds up, well maybe permanent blogroll status later.

Lets to describe our Dear Savant. Well, he bills himself as an undiscovered genius documenting his daily travails in dealing with the lessers of the world, namely you and me. Its kind of like your weird unmarried uncle on acid, and I mean that in the good sense.

Oh, and do not miss the comments. Savant has a devoted following of daily commenters, yours truly included, that add spice, advice and of course wholly unwarranted insults to the mix. Really, give it a click.

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