Saturday, January 29, 2005

Undie Info?

Annika, in between bathing suit talk and a meme on books (is it a great blog or what), links to a study that found fidgety people tend to be thinner. The study postulates that all that moving around burns calories - who new? This isn't the interesting thing though.

The interesting thing is that the "scientists" wired subject's underwear to record their movement during the day. Everyday, a new pair of wired undies were issued and in this way they were able to determine how much subjects fidgeted, and then correlated this information to their weight and body type. Annika appropriately refers to this as "Undie-info"

Undie-Info? To me this sounds like a great name for a new band! I'd propose the following line up:

Singer: Tighty Whitey

Bass: Cotton Briefs

Guitar: Cami Sol

Drums: Joe Boxer

Ok, you did fairly well on the Instapudit/Lileks roadtrip suggestions, I'm sure you can out-humor me on the band line up. Leave your ideas in the comments section.

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