Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sullivan's Dis-ingenuous Attack

This is really quite stunning. Even for Andrew Sullivan.

President Bush today made the statement that he does not understand how anyone could be President without a personal relationship with God. Fair enough, frankly I don't either. Without a doubt its the toughest job in the world, on any one issue half the country thinks you're wrong most of the time at least 40% of the people want to get you fired!

Back to Sullivan. Andy, who it seems has quite the axe to grind with Mr. Bush on this issue, takes the statement, reprints it out of context, and then twists the meaning to be that Mr. Bush would restrict the Presidency to Christians only!

I really don't know why I stopped by there today, I never do anymore since Andy started his anti-Bush jihad, but really I'm going to stop now.

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