Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Airport Blogging

Folks the moment of my delivery is nearly here! Escape from America's backwater into the modern world is nearly complete. As I type here in Palm Beach International (they go to Mexico!), I am literally an hour from take-off.

The Pursuit family has had a wonderful time the past week. Fun with Mrs. P's folks, and during the last two days, a visit by Sister Pursuit and her family, and the ensuing masterful game of golf whereupon I crushed all comers rounded out the week. One regret; Dear Mother-in-law remains on her no fat kick, so countless no cholesteral butter replacements and meat substitutes were consumed, which has thrown my system precariously into imbalance. Happily, I am blessed with a consitution of steel and will recover with the administration of some high quality beef or pork in the next 48 hours (repeat as necessary). No fears, I should recover soon and be prepared to blog at some point tomorrow.

Speaking of blogging, what can I say about PDS. Despite a curious turn to Homoerotic fantasizing early today (deadline pressure can exact its awful costs in all sorts of ways), he truly put in an outstanding performance during my absense. Really, our good friend surpassed all expecatations, and has my sincere gratitude for elevating the quality of discourse around here.

One note of caution to my blog pal Habitatgirl; I apparently will be passing through Dallas later this evening so if your liberal world feels a bit threatened, well its just good ole Pursuit, back on the job!

So long for now,


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