Thursday, March 3, 2005

Coming Soon, Men Wearing Skirts!

Get a load of this. The murse! All I can say is, what is wrong with a regular old briefcase. Well that and do not ever expect me to carry a murse.

I am so tired of the feminization of the American man, Can you imagine Sinatra being handed a murse? Good Lord, he'd probably deck the gifter on the spot. All of us should begin a campaign to cruelly and publicly mock anyone seen with one of these things. We enforced the social code in grade school with wedgies, perhaps that would work here? I mean its not like anyone carrying these things would fight back! If successful the murse would end up on the ash heap of history with Kramer and Mr. Costanza's Bro (Manziere!)

Via the very manly Spoons

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