Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bon Voyage!!!

I'm Off! The family of happy Pursuits will be heading down to the God forsaken wasteland most folks refer to as Florida for a few days of warm weather and sun.

I don't have enough readers to insult an entire state, but allow me to say that Florida is not my favorite of locals. Ah Florida, the land where gators haul off the young'ins for lunch, toothless grannies sit on porch rockers with shotguns across their laps, and brother Billy Bob keeps park'in the pick-up on the front lawn so as to keep the ceeeement from gittin stained. Don't even remind me about the state's most fearsome locale - anywhere between a senior and 1st dibbs at the early bird salad bar! Florida, its kind of like the Caribbean with all the poverty, but none of the culture.

Ah... but I kid because I love.

Not wanting to abandon my dear readers while I'm away, I will be turning the Pursuit over to guest blogger PDS for the next week. PDS, one of our distinguished readers and commenters, has promised to elevate the content from the usual drek you're accustomed to finding here. Abby, Habitatgyrl give him your best, I think he can take it.

Me? I'll check in once in a while time and sobriety permitting. I'll be back in fighting form next Thursday.

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