Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Heart of Darkness

Pursuit here, reporting in from the Heart of Cultural Darkness. So far my sojourn to Florida appears to be going well. It's terrific to visit with my wife's folks and the kids are overjoyed to have access to a pool in March.

Florida, being what it is I've already experienced Applebee's and watched the most bizzare TV show in the history of the world:

Crafters Deathmatch.

So, Abby I guess this qualifies as knitblogging. The show consists of two crafters, competing head to head for the right to go up against the "CraftLady of Stell" at the end of the show. Kind of must see in a Spinal Tappian sort of way.

On the plus side I've gotten through the first 200 pages of the Hamilton biography. Early comments: Wow, is this book long! Other thoughts, include that it is very interesting in light of the Schiavo fiasco, and PDS' comments on Federalism.

And how about that PDS? Stunning work so far, and I know we can continue to expect further greatness.

Ok, back to the pool before I get caught blogging!

Over and out,


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