Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fun With Anagrams - Or Blatant Link Troll

Have you ever wondered what's in a name? It's truly amazing what you can find by simply taking a name and rearranging the letters. Deep, dark meanings the revelation of long held secrets all of which can lead to a hearty laugh.

By now everyone is familiar with some of the more amusing anagrams that have been developed out there. the NEW YORK TIMES? Why its another way of saying, monkeys write. THE WASHINGTON POST? Ah, tonight's top news. Of course any left wing moonbat will tell you that NATIONAL REVIEW is dedicated to vote in a new liar.

This got me to wondering. What about our famous blogging friends? Are there any hidden meanings in their names. Well through my own severely limited skills and the help of an online anagram generator, I came to some startling conclusions.

Did you know that JEFF GOLDSTEIN at Protein Wisdom led off jesting. Not a real surprise I suppose. Tom Johnson over at FUNCTIONAL AMBIVALENT produces the evil of mutant cannibal. When I discovered this I must say I wasn't surprised, the darn lefty. One of the good guys, LILEKS THE DAILY BLEAT is a likeably idle stealth.

What about MICHELLE MALKIN? Apparently her blog is a bit of a cry for help since hidden inside her name is chill man, like me. My and that undiscovered genius the IRATE SAVANT, well in what is no surprise to him it turns out that he is a native star. In less good shape is my favorite radio personality the unparalleled MILT ROSENBERG of Milt's File. It seems he has groin trembles. Worse still are THE CHICAGO BOYZ. Sadly one of them is apparently a boozy, hectic, hag.

Above this fray is THE SPOONS EXPERIENCE. As we all know, Spoonsy is a posh, serene exception. In what can only be a bit of an embarrassment, Habitat Girl over at HAMMER AND NAIL is apparently somehow mixed up with a mainland harem. Somebody call the authorities.

Of course, since I am obviously trolling for links, what can we find about the Great One, INSTAPUNDIT. Folks, I'm here to tell ya, that dip ain't nuts!

Interesting you say. Funny even, but what about The Pursuit of Happiness? Well it turns out that the old fusspot is unhappier.

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