Friday, March 4, 2005

A Public Service To The Left....

Here at the Pursuit of Happiness, we have been dismayed at the decline of intellectual thought on the left side of the political ledger, and have written of it extensively in our short existence. At one time the Left came up with policies based on political philosophy that led to some pretty decent slogans; "Happy Days are Here Again", "The Great Society", etc.....

Sadly these days, the left seems to have nothing but slogans, and given the dearth of underlying ideas these tired, trite phrases have an extremely short "use by" date. What is a leading member of the left to do? Utter yesterday's slogan too long and you appear to be nothing more than a political hack in Birkenstocks.

So as a Public Service to the Left, The Pursuit of Happiness now gathers - for the first time in one place - Slogans of the Left that have passed their stale date:

1. Bush was selected not elected!
2. It takes a village.
3. Seniors will only be able to eat dogfood if Republicans are allowed to.....
4. Bush=Hitler (Sorry Senator Byrd, the Grand Kleagle hat still looks dashing though)
5. According to a New York Times Poll......
6. Michael Moore has clearly documented.....
7. No War for Oil!
8. Let the sanctions work, (or its newly minted cousin, Uday was going to overthrow his Dad!)
9. Arabs do not want self rule, there is no history of it in Islamic culture.
10. We're building a bridge to the 20th Century!
11. CBS news can now confirm...
12. Lets do it for the children!
13. The Brutal Iraqi Summer
14. The Brutal Afghan Winter
15. VRWC
16. Reporting for Duty!
17. The Arab Street

and finally, the most past dated slogan of the Left:


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