Thursday, March 10, 2005

Need Your Thoughts Here Folks

Ok, I need your opinion. Mrs. P, besides her day job as captain(ess?) of industry, is an artist in her spare time. One of her pursuits, e'hem, is making jewelery. I think her stuff is pretty good and have been asking her to sell some of it. As is typical she demurs.

Here is where you come in. This stuff is not for sale, and I'm not asking you to buy. I want your opinion. Am I nuts? Ok, that answer is yes - I'll rephrase. I think her stuff is quite good and I thought I'd put some time into setting some of it up on ebay for sale....we have a lot. The question to you is, what do you think? I have no idea what I'd price it at but is it marketable?

Let me know your thoughts in comments. If you think its a waste of time, say so - it'll be our little secret and I'll stop bothering her. If you think it is good, let me know.Posted by Hello

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