Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mark Steyn: My Hero (PDS)

Assume the following hypothetical facts: (1) Ayn Rand and William F. Buckley had an affair in the early '50s, that (2) resulted in a love child, who (3) was raised by H.L. Mencken until he went off to college abroad, where (4) he roomed with Chistopher Hitchens and was tutored by Victor Davis Hansen.

Who do you end up with? Why, Mark Steyn, of course.

Sometimes the blogoshpere and conservative electronic media reminds me of that gang of merry wanderers from Monty Python And The Holy Grail, clipclapping around the Internet, boinking each other on the head, and banging on the occasional hollow coconut. What passes for "research" is a tiny piece of cyberspace's Holy Grail, i.e., a link. And, if you're not careful, just like the movie, the gang ends up taking you around in circles.

Well, Mark Steyn doesn't do that. His thoughts are original, his prose is wicked, and his independence is a welcome respite amidst the buzz. Check him out, and begin your day with a stein of Steyn.

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