Saturday, March 5, 2005

A Simple Question - Part 2

Ok, Mrs. P is down with a cold, so I'm basically spending the weekend driving kids and watching TV at night, waiting for the pick-up call. I did get to shoot today, but I digress....

Has anyone seen this Bayer commercial where Meredith Viera talks about the heart benefits of Bayer Asprin? I'm telling you, it's totally freaky. The woman is talking about Bayer and the whole time her eyebrows are moving up and down like they have a life of their own!

No joke, the rest of her face doesn't really move and the eyebrows just keep bobbing....upanddown...upanddown....upanddown..... They really aren't even reinforcing any point, they just bounce! Help me out here people, is this some bizarre side effect of Botox, or has she always been like this? I'll admit, this hasn't really captured my obsessive side as much as this commercial, but its getting close.

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